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Hero from a another dimension is being teleported out of nowhere to an enclosed jungle.  The Hero's eyes caught some creature amidst the trees. The Hero thought it's a human, so he start walking toward it. As he come close toward said creature, The Hero realize that there are no signs of life from it. Then, that creature rotating his head 180 degree, face-to-face with The Hero. In a decaying state with discolored skin and eyes, it start groaning and howling to The Hero. The creature stand and start to walk to The Hero with haste. The Hero realize he will die, if he don't start shooting.

In this game, you will play as The Hero, and do something about The Creature.  But be careful, as this creature is no ordinary monster. It can rise from the dead stronger and faster than before. How many time do you think it can rise? As you start to worry and doubt that there will be no end to this, your death come upon you. You will determine the fate of The Hero.

How to play:

  • Move right : D or RIGHT ARROW
  • Move Left : A or LEFT ARROW
  • Jump : W or UP ARROW
  • Shoot : SPACE

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Source Code :



Game Jam.zip 30 MB

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